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Welcome to Allercom Allergy Consulting — the first private allergy risk-reduction training company in Canada!

Offering food allergy and celiac (gluten-free) training for restaurants and other foodservice establishments, and both food and environmental allergy training for schools, daycares, camps, salons, and spas across Canada.

100% live training with a TrainCan trainer who holds the ADVANCED.fst
management-level food safety certification.

Available throughout Ontario and Quebec, with same-week availability in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. Also available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

Exclusive providers of The AllergyAudit™ System to help reduce the risk

The AllergyAudit™ System is a simple, easy to remember four-section training program based on the development of allergy policies, staff training, role playing, and communication.

E-mail info@allercom.com or call 613-899-1862 for a complimentary intake session, or to book your allergy training today!


Who owns and runs the company?

Allercom Allergy Consulting, Inc., is owned by A.D. Lobel, Ph.D. Lobel holds the Advanced.FST certification from TrainCan, Canada’s foremost provider of food safety training, and is a TrainCan and SafeCheck trainer. She is also ServSafe trained in Allergens Training and Assessment by the National Restaurant Association.

Lobel has suffered from multiple life-threatening food allergies, as well as environmental allergies, since the age of two. She prides herself on not only surviving, but thriving despite these allergies for decades, including the years during which epinephrine autoinjectors weren’t yet available.

Lobel founded and ran the Montreal Anaphylaxis Support Group for ten years, from 2003-2013. She then founded Allergy Coaching International in 2009, later incorporated as Allercom Allergy Consulting, Inc. in 2011.

Dr. Lobel has been interviewed for her allergy advocacy work in print, on radio, as well as on television. She was actively involved as part of a group advocacy initiative to attempt to negotiate with the Quebec government to introduce a province-wide law to protect allergic elementary and high school students. (More information on this initiative here.)



  1. Bobby April 25, 2012 at 10:40 am

    I have fairly servee animal allergies and I am able to build up some tolerance to my own animal’s dander while other people’s animals cause a reaction. The difference also is that your cats dont stay in the house full time. Your friend’s home is covered in dander from top to bottom and that is what makes you have an allergic reation there. Some people are more allergic to animal dander than to the fur itself, which is my problem. Dander is made up of dead skin cells that have been shed and old saliva that the animal used to clean itself with. That dander is built up in your friend’s house and covers the couches, chairs, rugs, etc. Any movement stirs this dander up into the air and into your nose and lungs and causes the reaction. My animal allergy is very servee with dogs but not so much with cats. If I go to someone’s house that owns a dog, even if the dog is put away I will starts sneezing and wheezing; especially if there are children around running and making the latent dander fly around. I find that although poodles are supposed to be nonallergenic, that they effect me the worse because they have that beard by their mouth that stays wet with drool and I am allergic to that not the fur, which they say is really hair on a poodle.I had 2 cats in my home and just stayed on Zyrtec or Allegra and that was enough to keep my allergies to the cats in check but when I went to my mother’s house with 4 cats I would get all sniffled up despite the allergy pills, probably due to the different properties in each cat’s dander that I wasnt used to. Nope it isnt that I didnt want to spend time with my parents or was using the allergy as an excuse to cut out early the reaction was quite real. It was also misunderstood because it was hard for others to imagine how I could have cats in my own house but my nose would turn into a virtual faucett at my parent’s house. It just depends on if you are allergic to the fur versus the dander I guess.

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