Allergy Training: Foodservice, Schools, Salons & Spas


Allergy risk-reduction training and presentations for organizations in Canada (in-person or live webinar formats)*

Packages available at all price points

Offering food allergy risk-reduction training and presentations for restaurants and other food service establishments in Canada, as well as schools, daycares, camps, salons, and spas.

Available throughout Ontario and Quebec, with same-week availability in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto. Also available in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island.

Providers of the AllergyAudit™ System, exclusive to Allercom.

For more information or to obtain a quote, e-mail or call 613.899.1862.

Restaurants and caterers: Allergy risk-reduction training, diner accommodation training (front & back of house).

Hotels: Hotel allergy accommodation and risk-management services for food allergy in Canada, from reservation to check-out. Restaurant and housekeeping training available.

Event planners: Allergy risk-reduction for successful events; server training

Schools, universities, colleges, daycares, and camps: Allergy risk-reduction training for teachers and camp counsellors; reducing cross-contamination risks in the cafeteria or dining hall; the safer camp ‘tuck’ shop; ingredient label reading; dealing with multiple food allergies; working as a team with concerned parents of allergic children

Health care facilities: Allergy risk-reduction training for foodservice/cafeteria staff; allergen cross-contact reduction in shared rooms; latex allergy; pet dander allergies

Salons and spas: Training in sourcing lower-allergen and unscented products to serve your sensitive clients.

For a complimentary intake session or to book your training session today, call 613-899-1862 or e-mail!

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