Exciting news! Cat allergy vaccine trials now recruiting!

I’ve been following the development of the cat allergy vaccine since it was first announced a few years ago. The clinical trials are now in the home stretch, and if approved, the vaccine may be available as early as 2015. This is wonderful news for cat lovers with allergies.

Whether the cat allergy vaccine will allow an allergic individual to not only visit locations where cats live, but safely live with a cat, remains to be seen, and will be a case by case decision on the part of patients and their allergists. Nevertheless, great news, and I myself will be looking into it when it’s available.

The study is now actively seeking to recruit volunteers in several countries, including the U.S. and Canada. To find out more, visit the CATALYST cat allergy vaccine study site.

To read some of the media coverage on the CATALYST study recruitment efforts in the U.S., check out these articles from Cleveland, Bangor, and Burlington.

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