Food allergy training in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto

Are you concerned about the risk of food allergy reactions in your restaurant, or child care facility? Looking for peace of mind?

Allercom Allergy Consulting, Inc. was the first, and is still the only, live, on-site private allergy risk-reduction training company in Ottawa, Montreal  and Toronto.

Allercom provides food and environmental allergy risk-reduction training to foodservice/restaurants, schools, daycares, camps, and health care facilities. Food allergy and environmental allergy training in other parts of Canada available on request.

Whether you and your staff have taken online allergy training or hold a food safety credential, you owe it to your clients, guests, and students to enhance and practice your skills to ensure that you and your staff know what to do to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Allercom offers you a trainer who will provide live, on-site, personalized training unique to your establishment.

Proudly Canadian. Advanced.FST and ServSafe certified.

Contact us today and ask about our bonus offer!

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