Having a child with serious allergies can often result in more questions than answers. The uncertainty in navigating seemingly simple things can be overwhelming. Dr. Lobel’s personal and professional experience fills a much needed void for anyone who must interface with the growing reality of allergic living. Her knowledgeable and kind approach is not only validating for parents who often struggle in isolation; she also offers useful information and suggestions to manage a variety of allergy-related concerns. I could have really used a referral to Dr. Lobel when we were first diagnosed a few years ago! Better late than never. I’m glad I picked up the phone for a consultation now. I am already planning on implementing some of the things we discussed.

– M.R., Montreal, Quebec


Thank you so much for all of your help and valuable information. Your thorough knowledge on the topic of food service and allergy awareness was a great help to me at our convention.

– Kim Young, Greenroom Host, Con*Cept/Hotel Expresso


Very knowledgeable! Thank you!

-M.P., Concordia University CPE Daycare


Very informative and presented very nicely. Keep up the great work!

-S.L., Concordia University CPE Daycare



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